5 Myths about High Speed Internet

February 28, 2018 | Author: mediacom
Internet Accessibility

There are several misconceptions we relate with high speed internet and although we have become more tech friendly, these misconceptions still persist. The internet and speed are correlated, and both are dependent on several factors for great performance.

There are several factors we relate to slower internet speeds that are all misconceptions. Let’s discuss a few common misconceptions:

  1. The quality of your internet isn’t related to your computer.

It’s often thought that a high-quality computer will let you enjoy the highest capable speeds available on the internet, but this is a very big misunderstanding. The quality of your internet solely depends on your internet service provider and the package you’re chosen.
It’s your internet connection that’s all about transferring and receiving data, it’s your computer’s job to let you view that data. An updated computer can be beneficial but it’s not an absolute necessity.

  1. Cable internet connections are more reliable than wireless internet connections.
    high speed internet

It’s often perceived that cable internet is more secure and reliable than wireless internet. This entirely depends on the router security. Your wireless network will be secure if you have properly secured your router with a firewall.

  1. Traffic or electrical noise affects your broadband speed.
    Traffic noise

It’s thought that increasing noise pollution is affecting internet speeds, but these claims can’t be authenticated. Extreme noises like the noise in our offices and on the street doesn’t affect internet speeds at all. It is a myth.

  1. You have to use the router provided by your ISP.Cable internet connections

Most internet users use the router recommended or provided by our ISP. But the truth is, you can always switch to high quality router without risking performance. A good router can provide you with better security, faster speeds and easier access to a wider range of bandwidth.

  1. Multiple users doesn’t affect the speed of your high speed internet connection.connectivityJust because you have a high speed internet connection doesn’t mean that you can have as many user as you want on the network, this will affect the speed. The more users on a LAN network, the slower the speed will be.
    Take for instance if you have several employees using the same network, then you can’t expect the ISP to provide the same advertised speed to every user on the network. You have to consider the speed that your ISP delivers to several users transferring data through on the network.

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