Is Cable TV better than Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite TV?

March 1, 2018 | Author: mediacom

TV has been the number one source of entertainment for most us since early childhood. I remember when we had tube televisions with rabbit-ear antennas and very few channels, we used to wait all day long to watch 30 minutes of a cartoon. Our appetite for entertainment was filled with those thirty minutes of TV.

But now we have a huge selection of digital channels and the entertainment is readily available to us. We just have to surf TV channels to find something we want to watch. We have several choices, and not just in regards to the channel but also in the terms of the television technology. Like what technology are we using to access this full range of TV channels? In most instances, we have cable TV and satellite TV services available for us to choose our TV experience. With these services you get both quantity and quality.

We’re always confused about which technology we should use because of its convenience and affordability. Mediacom will make this an easy answer. Read on for a comparison between Direct-to-Home satellite broadcasting, or DTH, and Cable services.



From the monetary point of view, cable television is much more cost effective when compared to Direct-to-Home satellite television. Basic cable service charges anywhere from $12 to $15, whereas DTH has separate charges for the installation process and can go up to $25 per month.

Connection Disruption

Connection disruption

As we all know, DTH transmissions depend on the satellite dish and the signal, whereas cable television networks depend on their digital signals to display the channels. DTH connections can easily be disrupted in a bad rain storm, whereas cable television is more consistent and reliable. Imagine watching the Super Bowl and your satellite TV signal is lost because it’s raining! How would you feel?

Quality – Does DTH provide better quality pictures than Cable TV?

DTH is a fairly recent technology that uses digital signals, which forms clearer pictures than that of analog signals. In the past, cable television used analog signals for transmitting their pictures, but since the early 2000s, cable systems have been upgraded to digital cable operations which means you won’t really find any difference between the two.

Customer Service

Customer service entirely depends on your providers’ business strategy. Many cable services and DTH satellite companies provide their customers with 24/7 customer service. Mediacom is one of these providers that’s well-known in the industry for their amazing customer service.


cost effective relocation

Cable services are more feasible when you have to relocate because a lot of times you’ll run into the issue where your dish provider doesn’t cover that particular area where you’re moving. Plus, you have to go through the hassle of setting up your satellite dish onto the roof or balcony, whereas you don’t have this problem setting up cable.

Cable TV is more convenient and cost-effective. Though Direct-to-Home satellite TV provides good quality, there are many problems and annoyances associated with it right now.

Mediacom is one of the largest providers of HD TV, internet and phone in the United States. In fact, over half of the U.S. is currently enjoying their cost-effective services. Give Mediacom a try today, and start enjoying affordable and reliable services.