Fix Your Slow Internet Connection with Mediacom

March 7, 2018 | Author: mediacom
Fix slow internet

Slow internet—I guess nothing hurts more these days than a slow internet connection. The internet has significantly improved our lives and we can’t seem to survive without it. We all remember the pain of dial-up, how excruciatingly slow it was, and how we don’t want to experience it ever again.

We always blame our internet service providers for slow internet, but it’s not just our internet service providers fault, there are several other factors influencing slower speeds. Our computer, unnecessary files, malware, and more can make our internet run at a snail’s pace. But don’t worry, Mediacom has you covered. Read on for tips on how to avoid slow internet speeds.

Check your internet’s speed

First, we all need to know how to check our internet speed. Many people are not tech-friendly and are just using technology because they have to. You can check your internet speed online or you can hover the cursor over your internet connection and a window will appear, which will show the speed your ISP is providing you. Make sure to keep track that you’re getting the speed you were promised when you signed up for service.

Ways to fix slow internet

We are going to discuss effective ways to fix your sluggish internet speeds.

  1. Unplug Your Modem

The most basic tip available is to restart your modem. Sometimes, restarting turns out to be an effective method for resolving many technical issues. Giving your machine a rest is necessary. So, if you’re experiencing a slow internet, then remove the cable from the modem and let it rest for 5 minutes.

  1. Check the Hardware

Sometimes, you have an old router that’s not configured properly and it will result in slow internet speeds. By not using a high-quality cable or router can have you experiencing a pain in the butt internet.

  1. Reducing the Web Cache

Reducing the web cache can drastically improve your internet’s speed.
How to do it? Follow these instructions below to do it correctly:

  • Go to Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Go to settings under Browsing History
  • Reduce the Disk Space to as little as you want.
  1. Secure your wireless connection

Sometimes, outside people may unknowingly use our internet connection which will affect our internet’s performance. Taking proper measures to secure your internet is very important for data protection as well avoiding slower speeds.

  1. Use Anti-Virus

Malware, spyware and viruses all highly effect the performance of internet speed. Slow internet is often a software related problem and not an ISP related issue.

  1. Change DNS settings to speed up your browser

DNS servers basically give you access to websites. The ISP’s may connect you with slower servers, but connecting to public DNS servers can speed up your browsing. So, change your DNS settings to get high speed.

Use these amazing tips to avoid slower internet speeds. Nowadays, slow internet connectivity can’t be tolerated, so that’s why Mediacom introduced 1 GB internet service and it’s available everywhere that Mediacom covers. Get Mediacom to experience lightning-fast internet.