Guide to Marketing Your Art Online

February 19, 2018 | Author: mediacom
Sell your art online

It’s been said by Microsoft founder Bill Gates that “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” The internet has become a necessity for every business and no business seems to be able to survive without it. The same is now the case for art work. Art is no longer confined to brick and mortar galleries, it’s also being bought and sold online.

If you’re an artist and not technologically inclined then you should definitely read this guide in order to benefit from your skill.

Get yourself a website

Create your own online gallery

Having a personal website is a must for an artist. It is like your own virtual gallery that allows you to present your art to the mass public. It can introduce the work you have done to a whole new audience.

Getting a good internet connection is also a must. An internet connection provides you the best internet speeds and an assistant for digital marketing. It’s important to choose the right words to target your audience and with that in mind you should choose Mediacom Internet.

Mediacom’s creative advertising team will help you create feed ready content to market your artwork on all the major social platforms and search engines.

Analyze what type of art you offer and which platform is best for your work

Let’s review a few platforms and what type of art you can promote and sell on each.


If you’re selling original art or limited additions, then this is the best place to market and sell your product. It’s best for newbies to start their own small business because they can sell their product without spending a dime. If you want to start a small business, get yourself on


Artfinder is the most convenient place for artists to sell their art work online. It supports more than 9000 artists in over 100 countries and provides them a platform to make money from their work.


Artplode is a zero commission online art marketplace that welcomes professionals as well as newbies, but only focuses on high-quality pieces. The best thing about Artplode is that it provides assistance to artists that want to properly price their product. You only have to spend $60 to get yourself listed on Artplode.


It’s different from the other art marketplaces but it’s definitely worth a look. It allows you to upload original images, graphic designs, illustrations and prints, which can then be viewed by millions of people. It’s actually a print-on-demand art gallery where people can get prints from all over the world in number of ways.

Advertise on All Social Media Platforms

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are considered the best social platforms to market your product online. Pinterest is especially great for artists because it allows you to share images and create awareness among a whole new audience.

Social media marketing plays a vital role in product awareness. All major and established brands advertise on these social platforms to attract more traffic.

Mediacom internet is making great efforts to provide you with high speed internet and reliablity. The internet not only benefits the tech freaks but even those with the smallest grasp of technology. You can turn your simple talent into a thriving business and all you need is a great internet connection. Thanks to the internet, talented artists from all over the world can showcase and sell their artwork.