Mediacom Encouraging IONT (Internet of Nano-things)

March 13, 2018 | Author: mediacom
High-speed internet

The internet of things wasn’t that common a few years ago, but now it’s found in almost every little thing that’s connected to the internet and can be accessed remotely. The internet has turned the world into a global village where everything and everyone are connected to each other and information readily available. If searched correctly, you can actually find anything you need on the internet.

Mediacom Communications

Telecommunication companies play the biggest role in the promotion of connectivity. These providers have never failed to provide us with constant access to the internet. Mediacom, which is my ISP,  provides me with high-speed internet at the most affordable price. My internet service has made my life so much easier. I recently bought an Amazon Echo which can call a Uber for me, play music when I ask it to and perform plenty more cool tasks, and all it needs is an internet connection and my voice commands. What else do you need in terms of technological advancement? These little products that have connected everything to each other and made everything accessible are technically called the internet of things.

The Internet is Behind the Progress:

Internet Accessibility

All this progress is made possible by the invention and advancement of the internet and Mediacom is helping technologists achieve their ideas. Mediacom is providing people with high-speed internet to stay in touch with the technological advancements.

Not Familiar with the Internet of Nano-things?

Home Automation

We’re all probably familiar, or have at least heard of the internet of things, but most have never heard about the internet of nanotechnology. Well, most of us have a very rough idea about nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is basically the study of manipulating and controlling materials at atomic or molecular levels.

Nanotechnology is a very diverse field that is rapidly revolutionizing our everyday life. It’s done wonders in the fields of health, nuclear and IT, just to name a few, and it’s continuing to expand with each passing day.

Internet of Nano-things is the future:

Trackers and sensors

The internet of nano-things is connecting nano-scale devices to the internet and making an entire network out of it. It is the new competitor to IOT.  Its initial benefit has been helping to track the health of medical patients. Potential nanotech applications include blood pressure monitoring in real time. Plus Nano-sensors, Nano-machines, body sensors, Nano communications and more are widely used and there is a lot more on the horizon.

Could not have imagined all the progress without the internet.

All these advances could never have been imagined without the internet, or more accurately, without high-speed internet. Fast internet is an absolutely necessity these days and is highly needed to meet the requirements of this advanced nanotechnology world. I recently subscribed to Mediacom  High Speed internet 1GB package and I most certainly recommend it for those looking for lightning-fast internet speeds, it’s without a doubt the best internet I have ever used. I’d recommend you give Mediacom a try to stay connected with friends, family and all the technological advancements.