Mediacom Focuses on Quality over Quantity

February 12, 2018 | Author: mediacom
Mediacom Communications

Internet, TV and phone have seen tremendous changes over the years and now are completely changed from the day they began. Originally, we used to access the internet through dial up connections which has a maximum speed of 56kbps. But then came broadband and fiber-optic internet services. So you see, with time technology is continuously advancing.

Internet service providers are in a constant battle to be number one in their market, and they do this by providing the best quality and reliable internet. But being tops in the market isn’t possible without keeping up with the continuous advancements in technology.

Mediacom Communications

Since the day they opened for business, Mediacom has put their focus on quality over quantity. They started out as a small provider throughout parts of the South and Midwest, but soon spread to 22 states just by focusing on the quality of their service.

Mediacom and Under serviced Areas :

Mediacom not only targets major metropolitan areas, they also target rural and under privileged areas as well. This targeting actually led to a large portion of Mediacom’s success. Mediacom covers the majority of Iowa, in fact, more than 70% of Iowa’s households and businesses use it. And only 3% of the population use other internet service providers. The reason why major parts of rural Iowa use Mediacom is that it provides the best quality internet service compared to other ISPs in the state.

Speed of 1GB (1000 Mbps):

Trusted Service Provider

Mediacom has recently launched their one gigabit internet service at the most affordable price possible. Who would have thought of enjoying lightning-fast internet for just $139? We all understand the pain associated with slow internet speeds and Mediacom went a step further when they made their 1 Gig internet speeds available in both urban and rural areas.

A reliable source listed Mediacom in the list of best internet service providers.

Firm Grasp on Digital Marketing:

Mediacom is considered a big player in the field of digital marketing. They are providing feed-ready digital content to several companies and aiding their digital marketing efforts. The content they’re providing is for the promotion of businesses on various digital platforms.

Facebook and Mediacom:

Social media

Mediacom also partnered with Facebook to provide feed-ready digital content in order to help different advertising agencies promote their clients businesses on Facebook. Bill Gates said “content is king,” and this is correct because with the right words and digital content can win your targeted audience over. You actually have to communicate with your audience with your words to convince them to try your product or service.

24/7 Customer Service:

I would argue that the best part of Mediacom is the 24/7 customer service. I’m telling you this from my own personal experience because I’ve had more than my fair share of service providers, they have the best customer service in the telecommunications industry. You can reserve a 30 minute window in the morning or evening, during the week or on the weekend, it doesn’t matter because Mediacom’s technical assistance is available for you anytime.

All these points I’ve been trying to make just go to show that Mediacom internet service has been consistent in its service provision since they started in 1995 and haven’t shown that they’ll ever compromise on their quality.