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February 27, 2018 | Author: mediacom
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We are living in the era of mobile phone, where every member of the family has their own smartphone. But mobile phone communication has its own flaws.

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A reliable communication is all we want whether it’s from our mobile phone or a landline. Landline telephones seem to be vanishing from existence, but you need to know that landline phones have their own perks and are actually pretty important to have.

Limitations of Mobile Phones:

Let’s take a look at the limitations of the mobile phone:

  1. Reliability

Mobile phone signals are not the same everywhere. We’ve all noticed that oftentimes we don’t get strong or any signals in a specific room or corner of our house, that’s because mobile services are not the same everywhere, even in a specific area.

  1. Location tracking

In case of an emergency, first responders can’t pinpoint your exact location when the call is made from your mobile phone, they only know the general area of the location.

  1. Less secure

We all know that peer-to-peer communications are not that secure because the security is being handled by the individual’s device rather than from the network, which leaves the mobile phone more prone to hacking.

How are landline phones more secure?

Now let’s take a look at the advantages that proves that landline phones are more reliable than mobile phones:

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  1. More reliability

Unlike mobile phones, landlines have cable connectivity which means the strength of the connection remains the same in every corner of the house, whereas mobile signals may drop in a certain areas.

  1. Secure

Landline phones are more secure when communicating as opposed to mobile phones. Due to peer-to-peer connectivity, mobile phones are more prone to external attacks. In order to eaves drop on a landline, you have to tap the phone because there is no other way to hack into the landline.

  1. Easy to track

Emergency responders can pinpoint the exact location of someone on a landline, whereas mobile phones can’t provide exact locations.

There is no arguing that mobile phones are a necessity nowadays, they keep you connected in more ways than one.  But landline phones are still necessary as well, if for no other reason than in cases of emergencies, when seconds count, a landline phone could be the difference between life and death.

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